Achieving Wellness ~ Your Customized Health & fitness plan

Evidence Based Program for Health, Happiness & Fitness

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Optimize Health/Well-being, while all proceeds support initiatives for children thru Trauma to Triumphs, Inc.

Achieve Wellness Diamond Package

  • Free consultation to assess goals, personal preferences and lifestyle
  • Planning Session to design individualized movements, and structure sustainable routines 
  • Personally Customized Yoga practice that can be utilized at home, at the office, outdoors throughout the summer
  • Nutritional Menu Planning 
  • Healthy foods information, research, and consultation
  • Communication via phone calls and text for questions and support
  • Suggested healthy food options, supplements,      snacks
  • Meal Planning to enhance emotional, mental, & physical wellness

Lisa Mehos ~ 212-920-0491 (mobile)

“In Diversity there is Strength & there is Beauty”